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Its not really about the wedding. Its about life. Your chemistry, your friends, your very special events. All the efforts that brought you to this point - the late night drive thrus, meeting the parents, endless texts and small jokes that nobody else understands. Its about where you've been and where you're going. Destination unknown but you're going together. 



I love weddings because they're a respected event all around the world. Guests travel, they dress up - they're events not to be missed. 

Couples hire me to share my point of view and I'm delighted to show you what I see. Style is important but my approach to wedding photography goes beyond aesthetics. I try to know my clients on a personal level; our work together is intimate. Candid photos are my favourite but with portraits I like to add an editorial-edge. Of course we'll get the classics but I'm always on the hunt for something fresh. 

Toronto's famous for its diversity and I view it as a fortuitous opportunity to work with couples from all over the world - I have photographed a full range from formal/traditional to unique/unconventional wedding styles - and everything in between. 

from intimate cottage elopements to lavish affairs in grand ballrooms; tiny wedding ceremonies on the beach and casual backyard bbq weddings; a second line in New Orleans and a vineyard wedding in Tuscany; Iranian knife dances, Indian mehndi parties, Filipino rope ceremonies and Italian antipasti; from the hora to matching wedding sneakers to exchanging vows at the base of a mountain - I adore the possibilities.

My photographs will outlive everybody I know and this idea fuels me to pay attention to the extra in our ordinary. Simply put, I want you to have the best time at your wedding and I will give you the photos that prove it.

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Life is short and we only get so many parties. If you would like to make some art with me, please don't be shy and let me know.


Hello, my name is Katherine but please call me Kat - all my friends do. I have an Italian father, a German mother and I grew up in Toronto where I live and work as a photographer. 

I love loud art and quiet design. I make soap, toothpaste & organic perfume. I like nature but love cities and wish the two were better synced across the globe. I'm a traveller at heart and some of my favourite holidays have been in Tokyo, Tel Aviv, Sicily and Bangkok. If I wasn't always carrying cameras, I would ride my bike everywhere. 

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My husband's name is Ryan and he's a dear. He makes beer, loves to camp and has a charming smile. We're slowly renovating a 1961 mid-century-modern house and we live with a rescue puppy from Seoul named Jiho. Its no joke how much I adore our little pack-life and if I'm not with you, I'm probably with them. 

This photo is from our annual beach day at Sandbanks Provincial Park in Prince Edward County. We like to go on the same (secret!) day every year because its still warm and we get it all to ourselves. 



What can we expect to pay?

Prices start at $3900 for wedding photography coverage and will range depending on what you decide to include. Engagement session, albums and second photographers are booked a la carte. Hourly rates are available for small weddings and last-minute bookings. Contact for a detailed list. 


Do you shoot destination weddings?

I have and I do! I'm based in Toronto and love to travel. Let me know where you're going or if you need some ideas - I have lots! I have documented love stories in Ontario, Quebec, British Columbia & Alberta and I hope to cover one wedding in every Canadian province by the year 2020. 


Can we do an engagement session?

Yes! and have no fear, engagement sessions don't have to be lame. I view engagement and couple portrait sessions as separate projects from weddings and I tailor a fun and creative experience for you. Often my couples have a vision in mind and I love to help execute that. You don't have to be getting married to have this experience and make beautiful photos together (#norules). Share your ideas with me, embrace your personality and lets come up with something good. If you want to try something out of the ordinary like a nighttime engagement session or a themed, editorial-style shoot, I'm all ears. 



Do we need a permit?

For most locations in Toronto, a wedding photography permit is required and strongly recommended for your wedding day! They usually come with an (annoying) fee but are generally easy to obtain. I encourage you to book your permits early! I will help you figure out when permits are needed and how to get one. 

Can we bring our dog?

Big yes! I love dogs and I'm happy to incorporate your pet(s) into our session but please note, I require you to bring along a friend to pet-sit while the animal is not involved in the shoot.


How can we book you?

Easy. A 30% retainer and signed contract are required to secure your date. Availability is not guaranteed until bookings are confirmed. I book most weddings 8 - 12 months in advance. 


Can we meet?

Yes definitely, lets meet. I work from the most beautiful co-working space Toronto has to offer. Be in touch and I'll have you over for coffee/tea and view of the skyline. If you're out of town (or lazy because its winter) we can always Skype, FaceTime or go oldschool and talk on the phone.