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My name is Kat. I come from an Italian father, a German mother and I grew up in Toronto where I live and work as a wedding photographer. 

I like when things have style but my approach goes far beyond making things look good. Couples hire me to share my point of view and I take immense pride in showing people what I see. I try to notice the obvious and overlooked, the little within the big and all the special aspects that make every wedding one-of-a-kind. I'm not into staging, over-posing or copying photos. I'm interested in finding memories, adding whimsy and creating a visual account of honest human experience. 

My photographs will probably outlive everybody I know and this idea fuels me to pay attention to the extra in our ordinary. Simply put, I want you to have the best time at your wedding and I want to give you the photos to prove it. 

I've worked with people from all over the world and have photographed many different cultural traditions and styles. Everything from intimate celebrations in converted warehouses to 600-guest affairs in grand ballrooms. From tiny forest elopements to lavish backyard ceremonies; knife dances, rope ceremonies, exchanging vows at the base of a mountain... I adore the possibilities. 

Life is short and we only get so many parties. If you would like to make some art with me, please don't be shy and let me know. 

Small facts: 

I love design, architecture and antique furniture. I make soap & organic perfume. I can play piano if you give me notes. I have a degree in philosophy. I bike often and enjoy wine; sometimes at the same time. My husband's name is Ryan and he is cool. He makes beer, loves to camp and will charm your socks off with his smile. We recently got a rescue puppy from Korea and have quickly grown to adore him and our little pack-life :)

I also photograph special events, editorial projects and portraits. If you are looking for something other than wedding photography or you prefer not to use the contact form, feel free to email me directly: kat@katrizza.com