Kat Rizza | Toronto Wedding Photographer
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My name is Katherine but please call me Kat - all my friends do. I come from an Italian father, a German mother and I grew up in Toronto where I live and work as a wedding photographer. I spend most days behind a camera or computer, documenting around 30 weddings every year. I stay collected through each full wedding-season by taking lots of breaks away from home. I'm very focused on my work but I know when to turn my phone off. Recharging is essential. 

I'm a versatile, personable photographer and enjoy the challenge of shooting on-location, in different cities and venues every week. In my wedding portfolio you'll find lots of black & white processing, candid moments and fashion-inspired bridal portraits. I like to have fun while I work and I'm always pushing myself and my couples to think outside the box and try something new and unexpected. Of course we'll get the classics but I like to keep things fresh. If this sounds good to you, we will be a perfect fit!

It makes me very happy to know my clients on a personal level. Some of my greatest friendships have started as an email through this site. I've worked with couples from all over the world and have photographed many different cultural traditions and styles. Everything from intimate cottage ceremonies to guest-lists of 600 in grand ballrooms. From tiny restaurant elopements to lavish backyard affairs; knife dances, mehndi parties, rope ceremonies, the hora, exchanging vows at the base of a mountain... I adore the possibilities. 

Life is short and we only get so many parties. If you would like to make some art with me, please don't be shy and let me know

Small facts: 

I love design, architecture and antique furniture; fashion photography and vintage Vogue, secluded beaches & travelling solo. I make soap, toothpaste & organic perfume. I can play piano if you give me notes. I have a degree in philosophy. I bike often and enjoy wine; sometimes at the same time. My husband's name is Ryan and he's a dear. He makes beer, loves to camp and will charm your socks off with his smile. We recently got a rescue puppy from Seoul and have quickly grown to adore him and our little pack-life :)

* I also photograph special events, editorial projects and portraits. If you are looking for something other than wedding photography or you prefer not to use the contact form, feel free to email me directly: kat@katrizza.com