Some thoughts on weddings & wedding photography & Toronto

I like weddings because they’re universal. All over the world guests travel, they dress up, special food is prepared, nostalgic music played. It’s humbling to watch, week after week, humans marking milestones by sharing the experience with others.

As a wedding photographer, couples hire me to share my point of view and I’m delighted to show you what I see. I enjoy a well-styled soirée but my approach goes beyond aesthetics. I don’t do it for Instagram. I like to dig deep, find hidden layers and reflect it back in a considerate, thoughtful and unique way.

There can be many tricky elements involved in wedding planning: the logistics of gathering family living across the globe, the sensitivity of blending unfamiliar cultures, the heaviness of loss. The couples I resonate best with are people who find a unique way to stand in the centre of their own circumstance and firmly decide to celebrate. When it comes to my couples, I have a ‘type’ but it’s definitely not something you can see. Each of my darling couples are made of individuals who are strong, smart, cool, thoughtful, worldly, fun and funny; more often than not we become friends.

As of 2019, I have been documenting weddings full-time for 7 years and have had the pleasure and good-fortune of working with hundreds of couples from all over the world. At the beginning, my goal was to shoot as many destination weddings as possible and I spent 5 years doing just that. Across Canada and the US, to Europe and many trips to the Caribbean, I’ve spent time with couples in many beautiful locations but these days most of my work is done locally or a few-hours drive away.

Luckily, Toronto is a beautiful city that celebrates diversity as a strength. It affords me the unique ability to access many different cultures and I’m constantly learning new ways of celebrating love. From Filipino rope ceremonies to Iranian knife dances and Italian tables full of cookies. From blended families to surprise elopements to weddings that double as family reunions. From lavish ballroom affairs to low-key backyard garden parties, Toronto couples are constantly rewriting the rules, breaking down barriers and inventing new traditions. The wedding possibilities here are second-to-none and I adore being part of it.

Regardless of the way you choose to celebrate, my wish is for everybody, worldwide, to feel safe, loved, beautiful, happy and free. Especially on their wedding day.

My photographs will outlive everybody I know and this idea fuels me to pay attention to the extra in our ordinary. I want you to have the best time at your wedding and I will give you photos to prove it.

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What its like to work with me

I photograph 20ish weddings every year and treat each one as an entirely new project; taking a collaborative approach rather than working from a formula. To remain organized, I divide my process into three parts. Below is a summary of each. The full versions are reserved for my couples only :)


I’m happy and excited to hear from every new inquiry. Sometimes couples will confirm quickly and reserve their date over email but other times we'll plan a coffee or FaceTime date and have a casual chat to get to know each other. If you decide to book, we'll sign a contract, pay a retainer and move forward with planning the details. Leading up to the wedding, we'll keep in touch on email, through questionnaires and hopefully we'll get to share a meal together before the big day.


During your wedding, I’m hunting for beautiful light, human expression, and unexpected ways I can photograph the scene. From prep through reception, these cues guide me.

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Certain parts of the day are better suited to a hands-off, silent approach. Other scenarios require creative guidance and when needed, I am right there to step-in and make things happen. Direction is usually necessary for couple portraits and group photos but its mixed with your participation and chemistry. I will tell you the best places to stand and remind you not to slouch but you have to show me the love that you feel. If this sounds scary or you’re not sure how to do that, let me help you. I will show you all the tricks!

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You're married! After a day or two I will send you some sneak peeks. A small number, maybe ten. 8-12 weeks later I will deliver a polished and curated gallery of fully processed, high resolution digital files. These are JPEGs and they're lovely. From here you might order albums and prints; custom art to add to your home.

A few months later you'll receive a USB and surprise gift; I think you’ll love it. Once your USB is delivered, our contract will end and our work together will be complete. Hopefully you'll call me for pregnancies, reunions and all your big life occasions because I love helping people remember the good times.

After it’s all over, let’s keep in touch on Instagram or texts or reach out on email to say hi every once in a while. I want to know what you're up to! I LOVE hearing from my past couples. And if you want to join me for a swim or a coffee, as long as its not on a Saturday, you know how to find me.