Wedding photography pricing begins at $4000 CAD for a full day of wedding coverage. If you need more or less coverage, there are options and I will make sure you are getting exactly what your wedding needs. Prints, additional photographers and extra hours are booked individually so you can design your own perfect scenario. Hourly rates are available for some weddings. Please send me a note so I can share a detailed list.



I'm based in Toronto and accept 2-3 travel commissions every year. In addition to the regular photography fee, there is a flat-rate travel fee added. Let me know where you're going or if you need ideas - I have lots!



Yes! And no - they don’t have to be lame. Engagements/couples sessions are booked separately from weddings but wedding couples get a deal. We’ll plan the whole thing together and I’ll make sure its a tailored, unique and fun experience. I like to do things that are personal to you or a little unusual, just for the sake of art. Some favourites have been a day at the family cottage, wandering downtown on a sunny evening, nighttime photos in the junction neighbourhood. Often my couples have a vision in mind and I want to help execute that. You don't have to be getting married to do this. There are no rules. Share your ideas with me, embrace some silliness and let’s come up with something good. 



For most locations in Toronto, a wedding photography permit is required. Permits usually come with an (annoying) fee but are generally easy to obtain. I encourage you to book your permits early and will help you figure out when permits are needed and how to get one. 


Big yes! I love dogs and I'm happy to incorporate your pet(s) into our session but please note, I require you to bring along a friend to pet-sit while they’re not involved in the shoot.



A 30% retainer and signed contract are required to secure your date. Availability is not guaranteed until bookings are confirmed.



As of January 2019 I meet all couples on Skype, FaceTime or Hangouts. If you’re local to Toronto and prefer to meet for coffee, just ask! I’d love to meet you at my favourite espresso bar. Yum.



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Since 2012 I have photographed over 200 weddings and have a continually increasing fascination with the humanity of it all. I’ve distilled my role down to its core: I help people preserve their memories. And I love it.

I like weddings because they come in so many forms yet the concept is global. All over the world weddings are a big deal. Guests travel, they dress up, special food, special clothes, special music; the hoopla is not to be missed.

Couples hire me to share my point of view and I'm delighted to show you what I see. My approach to wedding photography goes beyond aesthetics. I like to dig deep, find hidden layers and reflect it back in a considerate, thoughtful and unique way. My photographs will outlive everyone I know and this idea fuels me to pay attention to the extra in our ordinary. I want you to have the best time at your wedding and I will give you photos to prove it.

I have worked with couples from all over the world and have photographed many styles of weddings. Formal, fancy, traditional, unique - and everything in between ...from intimate cottage elopements to lavish affairs in grand ballrooms; tiny wedding ceremonies on the beach and casual backyard bbq weddings; a second line in New Orleans and a vineyard wedding in Tuscany; Iranian knife dances, Indian mehndi parties, Filipino rope ceremonies and Italian antipasti; from the hora to matching wedding sneakers to exchanging vows at the base of a mountain - I adore the possibilities...

Life is short and we only get so many parties. If you want to make some art with me, please don't be shy and let me know. 




I photograph 25-30 weddings every year and treat each one as an entirely new project; carefully curated from beginning to end. To remain organized, I divide my process into three parts. Below is a summary of how I treat each part. The full version is reserved for my couples only :)  

I | Before 

I am happy and excited to hear from every new inquiry. Sometimes couples will confirm quickly to reserve their date but other times we'll plan a Skype/FaceTime date and have a casual chat to get to know each other. If you decide to book, we'll sign a contract, pay a retainer and move forward with planning the details. Leading up to the wedding, we'll keep in touch on email, through questionnaires and hopefully we'll get to share a meal together as we plan.


During your wedding, I am always looking for beautiful light, genuine human moments, and unexpected ways I can photograph the scene. From prep through reception, these cues guide me. Certain parts of the day are better suited to a hands-off, silent approach. Other scenarios require creative guidance and when needed, I am right there to step-in and make things happen. Direction is usually necessary for couple portraits and group photos but its mixed with your participation and chemistry. I will tell you the best places to stand and remind you not to slouch but you have to show me the love that you feel. If this sounds scary or you’re not sure how to do that, let me help you. I will show you all the tricks!

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drake devonshire wedding - kat rizza.jpg
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III | After

You're married! After a day or two I will send you some sneak peeks. A small number, maybe ten. 8-10 weeks later I will send you a curated, polished and shiny gallery of fully processed, high resolution digital files. These are JPEGs and they're lovely. A few months later you'll receive a USB and surprise gift; I think you’ll love it!

Once your USB is delivered, our contract has ended and our wedding-work together is complete. Hopefully you'll call me for pregnancies and reunions and all your happy occasions in life because I love helping people remember the good times.

After its all over, lets keep in touch on Instagram or texts or reach out on email to say hi every once in a while. I want to know what you're up to! I LOVE hearing from my past couples. And if you want to join me for a swim or a coffee, as long as its not on a Saturday, you know how to find me.