Scarborough Bluffs Engagement

Liezl and I go way back - to high school! We lost touch for a little while but through a dear mutual friend, we found our way back and now she's stuck with me! Liezl and her fiancé Tyler are a super fun, romantic, adventurous and brilliant couple. I admire the way they approach life together - they decide what they want, they make it happen and then they enjoy it 100%! They also have homemade pizza parties and have mastered their signature move: the airborne high-five. 

We decided to do these engagement photos at the Scarborough Bluffs as an homage to their active & outdoor lifestyle as well as the special significance to Liezl's childhood (our highschool was right at the top of the Bluffs! It was beautiful.) We actually cancelled our first date due to rain and thankfully it was the right call because we got a perfectly calm evening and a gorgeous sunset instead.

Its been excellent getting to know Tyler and reconnect with Liezl. Its delightful to see the refined & lovely adult-version of the sweet girl who sat behind me in math class. Their wedding is in a few short days and I CAN'T WAIT! Big love you two. Thank you xo