Hello, my name is Katherine but please call me Kat - all my friends do. I have an Italian father, a German mother and I grew up in Toronto where I currently live and work as a photographer. 

I like loud art and quiet design. I make toothpaste and love to swim. A traveller at heart, my favourite holidays have been to Tel Aviv, Tokyo, Sicily and Stockholm. If I wasn't always carrying cameras, I would ride my bike everywhere. 

My husband's name is Ryan and he's a dear. He’s a great cook and loves to camp. We're slowly renovating a 1961 modernist house and we live with a rescue puppy from Seoul. It’s no joke how much I adore our little pack-life and if I'm not with you, I'm probably with them.  

Making small pieces of art to commemorate happiness is my way towards living an extraordinary life. I would be honoured to be part of your wedding plans, please be in touch. 



My Approach to Wedding Photography ο»Ώ

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