Kat Rizza | Toronto Wedding Photographer
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+ Personal work


Street photography, art galleries and the space to pay attention are my favourite aspects of being away from home. Every time I return, the best part becomes bringing something back and incorporating elements into my everyday life. Whether its a new ring or recipe, I'm constantly bringing little pieces of the world into our home. 

My wedding photography is concentrated on people and relationships. When I'm making photos just for myself, I tend to shoot street-scenes, buildings and unusual details; trying to find the feeling of a place without always using humans as the main subject. Below are images from past trips. Every year Ryan and I say we're going to slow down but there's just too much to see...


Tokyo, Japan
Naoshima, Japan
New Orleans, USA
Detroit, USA
Vancouver, Canada
Merida, Mexico


Bangkok, Thailand
Phnom Penh, Cambodia
Fogo, Newfoundland
Istria, Croatia
Florence, Italy


Sicily, Italy
Naples + Rome, Italy
Barcelona, Spain
Paris, France
Marrakech, Morocco
Stockholm, Sweden

2014 + Earlier

Tel Aviv, Israel
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Tofino, Canada
Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Reykjavik, Iceland
Las Vegas, Nevada
Palm Springs, California