Kat Rizza | Toronto Wedding Photographer



Wedding at the Scarborough Bluffs

Katie & Dylan are a rad and hilarious Toronto couple who like fun. Both families are from the east end and they wanted to homage that by hosting their wedding at the Cathedral Bluffs Yacht Club where Katie spent her childhood on the water. There were a few major surprises that made this day:

Katie is known for being a dedicated equestrian and had everyone joking about how classic it would be for her to ride into her wedding on her horse, Duke. Katie and her mom laughed along with everyone until they finally looked at each other and said "well, yeah, that would be funny!" So in total secrecy, Katie and Duke spent months practicing their sidesaddle and on the wedding day, hiding it from absolutely everyone (except her mom, MoH and photographers, of course!) Katie, wearing a silk wedding dress, Manolo Blahnik platforms and carrying a gorgeous ombré bouquet, rode past the sailboats, sitting sidesaddle on her horse. She did it with total grace, beauty and poise and the perfect amount of humour. 

The rest of the day was a happy blur of beautiful decor, yummy food, funny speeches, a capella Irish ballads, David Bowie, Prince, Portuguese custard tarts (!), pizza, a disco-ball dance floor full of costumes and props to guarantee all things fun. And with a party like that, of course it ended with fireworks over the lake. One for the books. Thank you for having me xo