Hello, my name is Katherine but please call me Kat - all my friends do. I have an Italian father, a German mother and I grew up in Toronto where I live and work as a wedding photographer. 

I love loud art and quiet design. I make soap, toothpaste & organic perfume. I like nature and love cities and wish the two were better synced across the globe. I'm a traveller at heart and some of my favourite holidays have been in Tokyo, Tel Aviv, Sicily and Bangkok. If I wasn't always carrying cameras, I would ride my bike everywhere. 

I want to be your wedding photographer because LIFE! I sometimes get stuck in big-picture thinking but through weddings I've learned that mindfulness of the smaller stuff brings meaning to the everyday. I love sharing special events with so many couples and families and friends and even pets. Making little pieces of art that commemorate happiness is my way towards living an extraordinary life. 

kat rizza zoomed.jpg

My husband's name is Ryan and he's a dear. He makes beer, loves to camp and has a very charming smile. We're slowly renovating a mid-century-modern house from 1961 and we live with a rescue puppy from Seoul named Jiho. Its no joke how much I adore our little pack-life and if I'm not with you, I'm probably with them. 

This photo is from our annual beach day at Sandbanks Provincial Park in Prince Edward County. We like to go on the same (secret!) day every year because its still warm and we get it all to ourselves.