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I like when things have style but my approach to wedding photography goes beyond making things look good. Couples hire me to share my point of view and I take immense pride in showing people what I see. I try to notice the obvious and overlooked, the little within the big and all the special aspects that make every wedding one-of-a-kind. I'm not into staging or copying photos. I'm interested in finding memories, adding whimsy and creating a visual account of honest human experience. 

My photographs will probably outlive everybody I know and this idea fuels me to pay attention to the extra in our ordinary. Simply put, I want you to have the best time at your wedding and I want to give you the photos to prove it. 



Full-day wedding photography coverage begins at $4000. I offer custom pricing for small weddings, weekday events, last-minute bookings and elopements. Please contact me for a complete guide. 


A signed contract and 20% deposit are required to confirm all bookings. Availability is not guaranteed until bookings are confirmed. 

All Wedding Commissions Include: 

  • Wedding Photo Planning Guide & Timeline Consultation 
  • High resolution & Web-ready files
  • Password-protected online gallery for 1 year
  • USB & keepsake box 

Full Day Coverage

Full day coverage means that on your wedding day I will be there from when you need me until when you don't and neither of us has to worry about rushing. I prefer to take my time, absorb the surroundings and letting events unfold as they do. I will work with you or your planner to craft a photography timeline that will ensure you get the wedding photos you're looking for. My role is to tell the story of your day in a beautiful, creative and honest way. 

Hourly Coverage

No two weddings are alike and I have seen many couples opt for a curated affair that does not utilize full-day photography coverage. For these instances, also known as small weddings, weekday weddings, last-minute wedding bookings and elopements; an hourly rate is available so you can customize the amount of coverage you need. 

Wedding Photography Permits

Wedding Photography Permits are highly recommended for your wedding day. For most locations (especially in Toronto), a permit is required to conduct a professional photography session. Permits are easy to obtain but often come with a fee. I encourage you to book your permits early, especially if your wedding is on a Saturday in high season. I will help you figure out when permits are needed and how to go about obtaining one. 

Dogs + Pets During Your Session

I totally get it, my puppy has his own Insta account (@jihothegreat) and I love, LOVE dogs and animals. I am so happy to incorporate your pets into our session but please note, I require you to bring along a friend to pet-sit while the animal is not involved in the shoot.

"We love you already and want to meet in person!"

I love you too :) and yes! I work from the most beautiful co-work space Toronto has to offer. Be in touch and I'll have you over for coffee/tea and a view of the skyline.