I like weddings because they are revered around the world. Even the super-modern ones have old world charm - guests travel, they dress up, champagne is served - these gatherings are not to be missed.

My photographs will outlive everyone I know and this idea fuels me to pay attention to the extra in our ordinary. I want you to have the best time at your wedding and I will give you photos to prove it. Couples hire me to share my point of view and I'm delighted to show you what I see. My approach to wedding photography goes beyond aesthetics. I like to dig deep, find hidden layers and reflect back what it felt like. 

I have worked with couples from all over the world and have photographed many styles of wedding. Formal, fancy, traditional, unique - and everything in between ...from intimate cottage elopements to lavish affairs in grand ballrooms; tiny wedding ceremonies on the beach and casual backyard bbq weddings; a second line in New Orleans and a vineyard wedding in Tuscany; Iranian knife dances, Indian mehndi parties, Filipino rope ceremonies and Italian antipasti; from the hora to matching wedding sneakers to exchanging vows at the base of a mountain - I adore the possibilities...

Life is short and we only get so many parties. If you want to make some art with me, please don't be shy and let me know. 



I photograph about 25 weddings every year and treat each event as its own entity; an entire project from start to finish. To stay organized, I divide my process into three parts: before, at and after. Below is a summary of how I treat each part. You'll have to hire me to get the full version :) 

Part I | Before 

When I first receive an inquiry I am super happy and excited to hear from you. I'll probably creep you on Instagram before responding because I want a sense of who I'm writing to. Usually we'll book a meeting (either in person or on Skype) and have a casual date with no agenda other than getting to know each other. If you decide to book me (yay!) we'll sign a contract, pay a retainer and move onto the fun stuff. Leading up to the wedding, we'll keep in touch on email, through questionnaires and hopefully we'll get to share a meal together. In the months leading up to the wedding, I encourage my couples to lean on my experience and ask questions - I'm always happy to help. 

Part II | At 

At your wedding, I'm always looking for beautiful light, genuine moments, and unexpected ways I can photograph the scene. From prep through reception, these cues guide me. Certain parts of the day  (prep, ceremony, speeches) are better suited to a hands-off approach meaning I won't interfere (much) and will quietly photograph what happens around me. Some may prefer this until they catch me lying on the floor behind a plant and wonder if they've made a mistake with the photographer!? Rest assured, I have your best intentions in mind and when I'm climbing furniture or turning off all the lights, its out of love. 

Other parts of the day require creative guidance. When needed, I am comfortable stepping-in and making ish happen. Direction is usually necessary for family/group formal pictures as well as wedding party (if applicable) photos.

Toronto City Hall Wedding Photos.jpg


I also give a lot of direction during couple portraits. That absolutely does not mean your photos will be stale, over-posed and awkward and unless you're going for the ironic look, they'll look quite the opposite. I have tricks to specifically help you NOT look like that - and I plan to use them. 

Part III | After

You're married! Congratulations! After a day or two I will send you some sneak peeks. A small number, maybe five. Somehow these are supposed to satisfy your burning desire to see the rest for the next eight weeks. Kat you must be joking - eight weeks!? Whyyy so looong!!!!!?????? 

Because art takes time. Because I'm slow. Because I've just stared at your faces for 12 straight hours and I need to put you away for a bit. Because I am only on Part I with fifteen other couples. Because I am a little monster. *paws up* 

For real though, eight (8) weeks is the approximate wait time. Could be a few days more or a few less. When the wait is over, you'll receive a polished and shiny gallery of fully processed, high resolution digital files. These are JPEGs and they're lovely. A few months later you'll receive a USB and surprise gift; I hope you love it. 

*Please note. USBs are mailed out in 2 batches throughout the year. Once in August and again in December. If your wedding is in February, your USB will arrive in August. Good news though - the files on the USB are exactly the same as the files in the gallery so you already have them. 

Once your USB is delivered, our contract has ended and our wedding-work together is complete. Hopefully you'll call me for pregnancies and family reunions and all your joyous occasions in life because I love documenting those and once I've seen you trying not to pee on your wedding dress, we're connected; forever.

At the very least, lets keep in touch on Instagram or reach out on email to say hi. I want to know what you're up to! I LOVE hearing from my past couples. And if you want to join me for a swim or a coffee, as long as its not on a Saturday, you know how to find me.